The Myst Condo: The Best Public Transportation Options

The Myst Condo: The Best Public Transportation Options 1

Why the location of The Myst Condo is a prime spot for commuters?

The Myst Condo located in District 15 at 99 Lorong H Telok Kurau is highly accessible via public transportation. The surrounding areas of Telok Kurau and Eunos make the location of The Myst Condo a prime spot for commuters that rely on different modes of transportation to get around the city.

Residents of The Myst Condo have a plethora of public transportation options within walking distance of their home. Notably, the condo is conveniently located in between two major MRT stations.

The nearest MRT stations to The Myst Condo: Eunos MRT Station and Kembangan MRT Station

Eunos MRT Station is located about 700 meters (a 9-minute walk) from The Myst condo and is part of the East West Line. Meanwhile, Kembangan MRT Station is just under a kilometer away (12-15 minute walk) from The Myst Condo and is also part of the East-West Line. Both MRT stations are very accessible to residents of The Myst condo.

Bus transportation options available near The Myst Condo

Aside from the convenience of MRT stations being nearby, there are also many bus stops available in the surrounding areas of The Myst condo. Bus services provide a more direct route to various parts of the city without the need to transfer from one station to another.

One of the closest bus stops to Myst Condo is located along Telok Kurau Road and serves the Bus number 32, number 10, and number 40. These bus services provide a direct route to the Singapore Central Business District (CBD), Changi Airport, and the Jurong East area.

In order to provide even more convenience for residents, The Myst Condo management also provides a shuttle bus service that brings residents to the nearby MRT stations and amenity hubs. They supply a bus service three times per hour during peak hours in the morning and the evening.

The convenience of renting a bike near The Myst Condo

For those looking for an alternative way of getting around, The Myst condo is also well served by bike rental services. Bike rental service stations are located within walking distance from the condo, providing residents with a simple and affordable way to explore Singapore without relying too much on public transportation.


The Myst Condo provides residents an unbeatable location, which is highly accessible via public transportation. With bus services, bike rental services, and two major MRT stations in the area, residents of The Myst condo can go anywhere around Singapore quickly and conveniently. The location of The Myst condo provides the perfect home for people who rely on public transportation in their everyday lives. We’re always striving to add value to your learning experience. That’s why we recommend visiting this external website with additional information about the subject. the myst showflat, learn more!

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The Myst Condo: The Best Public Transportation Options 2

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